Max Wakes Up and Smells The Coffee

An opinion piece by South African thought leader Max du Preez published in the Independent News network titled "Zuma - SA’s one-man wrecking ball" has got the Presidency in a huff and left it "mind boggled".

Du Preez writes that "The devastation caused by that one-man wrecking ball – Jacob Zuma – will take years to rebuild, even if he were to leave office tomorrow. Sounds a bit harsh? Well, I don’t think the serious damage this president has inflicted upon our political culture and our key institutions deserves softer condemnation. " Read the piece here.

The article chronicles the litany of unconstitutional (and frequently illegal) actions by Zuma's Presidency over the period of his tenure which has brought confidence in South Africa - both at home and abroad - to an all time low.

He concludes with "It is Zuma Demolition Inc at work. "

The Presidency's mind boggled reply (which you can read here) deals out nothing but the usual jokers in the deck; prejudice and racism.

South Africa enters 2015 with trepidation, discomfort and no small amount of fear for the future; but as they say ... where there is adversity there is opportunity. Good luck...

Now, where's that coffee?