TRAFIGURA : Toxic Criminals Destroy African Lives - and get away with it!

Follow the Trafigura Scandal in real time on Google News. Trafigura's Bribery & Corruption Antics in South Africa

THE PSYCHOPATHS: Claude Dauphin | Leon Christophilopoulos | James McNicol | THE EVIDENCE | THE FACTS

CORPORATE MURDER : "The company should, in my view, face a criminal investigation. If Nick Leeson could go to gaol for securities fraud, it seems to me that those responsible for this horrific incident should face criminal prosecution. If it becomes clear that the whole culture of the company itself is implicated, then the company should be liquidated and such wealth as remains should be placed in a trust fund to support the horribly burned, blinded, widowed, orphaned and wholly innocent people of Abidjan who were caught up in a crime."  Read More...

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