Wits 2009 : Design and Development of the University Spatial Framework


Ludwig Hansen, (Wits School of Architecture and Planning), Patrick Fitzgerald (Deputy Vice Chancellor)

Thursday 22 October 14h00 – 16h00

Dorothy Susskind Auditorium, John Moffat Building (Cheese and Wine will be served)

 Open Invitation

Design and Development Framework Panel Discussion: Whilst a variety of challenges and problems can be easily identified when studying the Wits campus, such as, poor common spaces, motor vehicle dominance, poorly integrated campuses, poor connectivity to the city, at the heart of the matter is the fact that the spatial environment of the University is of relatively poor quality.  Campus planning has an ever-lessening concern for the communal space and the making of public space, a short-term attitude to buildings, infrastructure and landscape, primarily due to an ad-hoc decision-making process. The seminar and presentation will pose the questions: what issues and concerns should drive the spatial plan? How can planning and design ensure that the academic and the spatial directions of the university are complementary and synergistic?

Building Competition: General Note
Four successful applicants will be selected to participate in an architecture design competition. The selected architectural practices will be announced during this session.

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