Urbanisation minister assures construction of one million houses on time

Luanda - The minister of Urbanisation and Housing, José Ferreira, guaranteed on Friday that the government will build one million houses in four years as recommended by President José Eduardo dos Santos.

The Cabinet minister was speaking to press while visiting housing project at Musseque Capari district in the province of Bengo.

José Ferreira said that by the end of this year there will be built 75 two-floor buildings comprising 600 apartments.

The minister said that the government wants to regulate the value of houses that is higher at the moment.

"We are working hard to put prices down and for that we will do everything to fix the price at around USD 502 per metres square" he said.

Apartments built by the government will not cost USD 200.000 like people are speculating.

The idea is to work and find a way that they cannot cost more than USD 70.000 the highest price and USD 30.000 for the cheapest price.

The official said that for the guided self construction the prices are less.

The Project of Musseque Capari has 93 hectares in an area of 33 square metres where will be built 4.000 apartments. - ANGOP