Nigeria: Collapsed Billboard Owners to Be Sanctioned -Aliero

Nigeria: Collapsed Billboard Owners to Be Sanctioned -Aliero - The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Sen. Muhammad Adamu Aliero, has urged the Development Control Department to sanction any company which fails to comply with technical and environmental standards set by outdoor advertising companies. This is in order to arrest the collapse of billboards.The minister also said that, henceforth, all outdoor advertising companies should engage the services of COREN-registered engineers for the supervision of all the erection/construction of such billboards/signages.Aliero instructed that all existing billboards without setting-out approval be subjected to structural integrity tests by registered engineers at a cost to be borne by the defaulting companies, as well as payment of appropriate contravention charges.According to him, owners of collapsed billboards will be penalised to the tune of 150 per cent of earlier approved processing fee."Any defaulter whose billboard collapses will henceforth be sanctioned by withdrawal/revocation of site allocation and other related concessions." [AA Urbanisation]