Limpopo Housing Grant Released

Pretoria - The Human Settlement Grant for constructing low cost houses in Limpopo has been released.

The R1.3-billion grant was withheld by the National Department of Human Settlements following a forensic investigation into the awarding of the human settlements tender for the construction of low cost houses (RDP) for the 2013/14 financial year.

The findings of the investigation revealed that there was non-adherence to the specified bid evaluation and adjudication criteria during the procurement processes.

The department was given some specific recommendations to implement before the grant could be released. Amongst the recommendations implemented are the following:

* Termination of the said tender for the construction of low cost houses (RDP) for the financial year 2013/14 financial year and its contracts due to non-compliance with prescripts that govern procurement in the public service;
* Disciplinary action taken against officials involved in the awarding of the said tender; and
* Reviewed the Human Settlement procurement process to avoid recurrence or repeat of this situation.

The department has since implemented all recommendations, hence the release of the grant.

Contractors for all stalled projects following the withholding of the grant have since been directed to take sites for completion of their projects.

Meanwhile, procurement for the 2014/15 human settlement projects has commenced. In terms of the plan, the process has to be completed by March, so that contractors can take sites by April. -