Mandela Memorial : Substitution Time


The tears of the world fell on the Soweto Stadium today as thousands of South Africans expressed their grief for the passing of the Father of the Nation.

Huddled together in torrential rain, South Africans were subjected to a number of lengthy speeches by global politicians including arch enemies Raul Castro from Cuba and Barrack Obama from the United States of America.

In a largely unexpected show of populist disapproval, a large section of the stadium crowd manifested South Africa's disappointment with its current President, Jacob Zuma, by booing and gesturing for a substitution. In contrast it cheered loudly for President Barack Obama and South Africa's last apartheid president FW de Klerk.

We, South Africans, understood the message but there is a high probability that the rest of the world did not.

Herewith a translation;

1. We cheer for Obama because he is half Black and half White. He is like a lot of us - a manifestation of racial harmony. We do not cheer his politics, his policies or his war crimes; those realities we forget momentarily, for he is an honoured guest at our table.

2. We cheer for FW because his leadership saved thousands of South African lives on both sides of the colour bar during the sensitive days of transition.

3. We boo the Presidency of South Africa - not the man - for we understand that we are led by a collective of leadership, not an individual.

Considering that under the yolk of corporate globalism the Presidency is not free to determine its own policies and is unable to place the interests of South Africans above those of the global financial elite, the message was clearly aimed at Barack Obama and read as follows;

"We are pleased that you are here today to honour the life of our Nation's Father and we take this opportunity to tell you that we are most displeased with the policies which your government and its allies are imposing on us."

To think otherwise would be a mistake.

Jacob Zuma is loved by his People, respected by well informed South Africans and uniquely charismatic and kind at a personal level.

Yes, it's substitution time ...

It's substitution time, but it is not our Captain that we want replaced - it's the Coach; Barack Obama.

Pedro Buccellato
Architect Africa News Network