Hamba Kahle Madiba

Mzansi mourns the Father of the Nation. Once we had a Leader...

South Africans from all walks of life remember South Africa's most beloved leader with deep sadness. Many will recall with nostalgia the pride of belonging to a uniquely unified Nation where everything and anything was possible.  When Nelson Mandela is buried in his homestead later this month the dreams of a unified Nation will be buried with him.

South Africa today bears no resemblance to Mandela's liberated South Africa - it is a different country, a country heading down a path of self destruction and lost opportunities.  A country where fewer and fewer of its citizens enjoy the fruits of liberation and independence - a country controlled by corrupt partnerships committed to serving the interests of global corporations and foreign  interests over those of its People.

Mandela's Legacy is alive in our hearts but not in our daily lives - lives which are dominated by the unsavoury stupidity of those that could have made a difference but chose not to. For as long as that Legacy lives in our hearts there is hope; hope that one day the Youth will embrace this Legacy and return South Africa to the noble path carved out by the greatest and most beloved leader in modern history.

Pedro Buccellato
Architect Africa News Network