OBITUARY : Ghandi Leon Maseko (1963-2013)

Ghandi Maseko

It is with deep regret that we record the death of South African architect Ghandi Maseko on 14 November 2013. Ghandi will be much missed by the profession and colleagues.

Ghandi was a child of the Struggle, having left South Africa at ten months, when his parents fled to Swaziland to evade arrest by the apartheid police. He grew up in exile in the peaceful mountain kingdom matriculating from Waterford Kamhlaba before leaving for East Germany to study Architecture.

When South Africa was liberated in 1994, Ghandi returned to South Africa to establish an architectural practice in Johannesburg.

Like most refugees returning home after decades in exile, Ghandi faced numerous difficulties adapting to the  polarised post-apartheid environment which was the (then) “New” South Africa.  He managed to successfully overcome these challenges to build and sustain the practice GMA Architects.

Ghandi, like the icon after whom he was named, was a man of peace. He loved people, music, art and architecture with absolute passion. His open, chilled and relaxed manner won him many friends and admirers - children, in particular, were drawn to him like ducks to water.

As the fine architect that he was, Ghandi made his mark both in Europe and South Africa. He will be best remembered for his contributions to the South African Embassy in Berlin as well as the South African National Library in Pretoria.

And think of him as living
In the hearts of those he touched
For nothing loved is ever lost
And he was loved so much ...