COSATU Calls for Arrest of Tongaat Mall Construction Bosses

The Congress of South Africa Trade Unions in KwaZulu-Natal has learned with shock about the untimely accident that took place at the Tongaat Mall construction, north of Durban yesterday.

It was reported that ‘about 50 workers were feared trapped on Tuesday after a roof collapse at a Tongaat shopping-mall construction site, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, could take all night'.

COSATU has information that the constructing company was reported to have been interdicted to continue with construction and therefore we demand that charges should be pursued to whosoever is responsible to have defied such order.

eThekwini municipality was reported to have been granted the court interdict and therefore compliance was not followed-up. COSATU demand that whosoever received such court interdict documents should be made to account on the occurrence of the incident.

COSATU demands that the police to arrest the company bosses for constructing while a court interdict was still in force.

COSATU calls upon thorough investigation to be pursue to unravel the ownership question of the company which led to the death of workers.

COSATU urges employers to be compliant with the sound legislation duly championed and signed for, to make workplaces safer.

The construction sector in South Africa has the highest accident report on the site and this is worrying.

We further argue that many of these incidences go un-reported.

We call upon all workers at all construction sites and other workplaces to report such incidences without fear or favour.

COSATU extends its heartfelt condolences to the affected worker, the family and colleagues, and wish all injured workers a speedy recovery.

COSATU reiterates that workers and their families will never rest until all these truths are unearthed.