Specialist Hot Water Supply Systems for Stadia & institutions

Hello, to soccer stadium management

We are a company who specializes in hot water lines and saving of electricity and water consumption.

We are currently in the Royal Bafukeng Soccer stadium and running ELECTRICAL TRACE HEATING on the pipelines that come from the boiler rooms and into the shower rooms.

This product is a very low power consumption rating and its beauty is that it self regulates its power consumption, for example, once the hot water line
are at a temperature at about 65 degrees Celsius , the heating tape is running at +/- 3 watts/ meter and if your line is at 0 degrees Celsius, the heating tape will operating at about +/- 26 watts per meter. This tape self
regulates and needs no form of thermostat control.

This will not only save electricity but water as well. For instance , once in the shower you would have instant hot water and not have to wait minutes for the hot water to get to the shower heads.

Also this heating tape requires no maintenance.