Joburg Delivers World Class Services - Not!

Countless thousands of Johannesburg's citizens are without water and electricity this morning. Most have been without electricity for two days and many more will be without water and sanitation for days to come as the city's water reservoirs run dry.

Home security systems are down, food cannot be cooked, shops are closed, traffic lights are dead, food decays in refrigerators, faeces pile up in toilets, laundry multiplies and personal hygiene hits an all time low.

The city's world class citizens adapt to slum conditions and bravely get on with their lives. In the more affluent areas the bucket brigades are out filling toilet cisterns with swimming pool water and restaurants with generators and water tanks are doing brisk business.

The city's world class mayor and world class managers hide behind the thin facade of world class websites and world class call centres which repeat the City of Joburg's tired world class mantra; “we apologise for the inconvenience”.

This latest “inconvenience” was brought about by world class technicians employed by the city's world class energy supply company, City Power, who are concerned about the loss of overtime pay under the company's new world class shift system. Although the city and the municipal union leadership agreed on the new world class working conditions it appears that the workers were not consulted.

World class security police has been deployed to the city's affected power distribution points after several were found to have been sabotaged by the striking workers. City Power managers appear to have adopted a confrontational stance and it is unclear when services will be fully restored but have indicated that private contractors have been employed to assist with the restoration of world class services.

Once again, those entrusted with the world class administration of the City of Johannesburg have let down its world class citizens and cost the fragile economy hundreds of millions of Rands in losses.

Way to go …