Obama in Africa

EDITORIAL : In the five years of his presidency President Barack Obama has spent twenty five hours in Africa. This week he will be adding another one hundred hours or so to that record when he visits Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Africa has been blessed by his absence.

South Africans have become comfortable with their economic relationship with the BRIC countries, China and India in particular. They are acutely aware that they do not share common enemies with the United States and consider themselves a country at peace with itself and the world.

This week's visit by the Commander in Chief of AFRICOM, Barack Obama, does not sit well with most South Africans. A great number are outraged, as the (unsuccessful) legal attempts to have him arrested for war crimes testify.

South Africans are aware that this individual is responsible for the destruction of Lybia, the terrorism in Syria, the bloodbath in Iraq, the current armed invasion of Egypt, the endless wars on the Horn of Africa, the covert operations in the Congos, the oppression of the Palestinians, the subordination of the Nigerian, Kenyan and Ugandan armies and and endless array of economic conflicts across Africa - and the world.

How can Africans not be outraged, embarrassed and inconvenienced by his presence here when they know and understand the reason for his visit?

We trust that the Peace Laureate will have a comfortable and safe journey through our land and that he will leave as soon as possible.