Focus : Architects Vox Humana - Johannesburg

Excellence in everything: Architects Vox Humana is a small, bespoke architectural practice consisting of young SACAP-registered professionals involved in the design of any new buildings and additions from project inception through to project hand-over.

The Principal Architect, Luigi Salemi, graduated at Wits University. He then had 6 years valuable European experience working in Rome and Budapest, gaining a deep architectural sensibility, before returning to South Africa. The firm was established in 2006. Our scope of works includes residential, institutional/commercial and ecclesial buildings.

A small contingent of our studio is also involved in the design of custom-made timber furniture and fittings, working with a number of carpenters and joiners. Based in Johannesburg, we have the mobility to be involved in designs and site supervision all over South Africa. The Latin meaning of Vox Humana is "Human Voice," as our Client's needs are of utmost importance to us, including their unspoken need for Beauty. The satisfaction of those we work for and the offering of our end-result to the Architectural Environment are our priority.