Mozambique : Road Travel Warning

Considering the number of South African building professionals that frequently travel Mozambique's national roads it is somewhat disturbing to note that no travel warnings are being issued following last week's four attacks on the North/South national road that left two dead and several wounded. These attacks on civilians followed an attack on a military installation where seven government soldiers were killed.

Mozambique's opposition party, Renamo, is being blamed for these attacks by the ruling party Frelimo. Renamo denies involvement and claims that the country is being destabilised by Western operatives and that Renamo is being made the scapegoat.

Fears are being expressed by Mozambicans and foreign investors alike that the country is in the process of returning to civil war, following twenty years of peace.

The Mozambican Civil War, which lasted around fifteen years, was fought between the "Marxist" Frelimo government and the resistance group Renamo. Renamo was a NATO proxy army managed by apartheid's South African Defence Force, which was in itself a NATO proxy army. The original Frelimo Party, which took over when the Portuguese left in 1975, was a group of mercenaries on the British payroll. The group's leader, Samora Machel, was knighted by the Queen of England for his performance in expelling the entire White population and "nationalising" their wealth - with the exception of the British. Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth has made personal visits to Maputo following Mozambique's baffling admittance to the British Commonwealth.

Samora Machel was later killed by his masters when he sought to end the civil war in the early eighties.

For the entire duration of the "Civil War" both sides of the conflict were controlled by the West. During that period all British mining and agricultural giants not only remained in the country but vastly expanded their operations. (The Soviets, who has supposedly masterminded the country's independence from Portugal, never arrived.)

The same destabilisation formula applied to Mozambique has been deployed by the West in numerous African, South American and Arab countries. The CIA run "Al Qaeda" is a good example; and why do Libya and Syria come to mind?

The current destabilisation "by former rebels" is clearly being devised and deployed by the West and is aimed at creating sufficient political noise at regional level to warrant the intervention of the "UN" in the form of AFRICOM, America's invasion force in Africa.

As a former Renamo combatant - now 65 years old - I am not likely to take up arms for NATO (or anybody else) again, so I find the idea that geriatric "former rebels" are out there hiding behind trees and shooting at traffic preposterous, absurd and ridiculous. You should too.

This "new Renamo" is no different in concept from the original brand. Its purpose and function remains to serve NATO interests.

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss...

Independent analysts predict that Mozambique will be engulfed in a war in the next twelve months; it will not be a war with itself but a war of invasion - by the usual suspects. It is likely to be a very short war.

Expect a Disneyesque narrative from the mainstream media about a rebel president holed up in the thick African jungle promising to bring the country to a standstill by attacking road and rail links. Believe none of it.

Dispensing with the theatricals it is clear to analysts that this is a dominion matter between the USA and China where Mozambicans are spectators.

Avoid road and rail travel until the invasion is complete.

PS - Don't spend too much time looking into the African jungle for signs of danger; look up to the skies and spot the drones being flown from NATO aircraft carriers before they spot you.

Jorge Rebelo da Silva
Maputo, June 2013

(Translated from original in Portuguese)

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