South Africa : Catherine Houska Seminars

Catherine Houska is a leading USA based international expert on the use of stainless steel in architecture.  An architectural consultant for the Nickel Institute, the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) and the Speciality Steel Industry of North America (SSINA), she has assisted designers in selecting the right stainless steel grades and finishes for high profile projects around the world.

A metallurgist by training, she is regularly sought out by architects, owners, contractors and fabricators for her expertise in evaluating site corrosiveness, specifications and fabrication techniques on new and problematic projects.

She is the author of more than eighty articles, papers and technical brochures on stainless steel in architecture and is a frequent contributor to a number of leading industry publications.  Catherine also speaks at high profile national and international conferences and events.

Active in many professional organisations, her workshops have been held throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.  Professionals in the architectural field everywhere are benefiting from her expertise, leading to successful designing in stainless steel.

Catherine Houska held a series of highly successful seminars in South Africa in 2007.  She will be presenting a comprehensive one-day workshop covering technical information necessary to successfully execute designs in stainless steel.


07h30 to 08h00


08h05 to 10h00

    Sustainable Stainless Steel Design (30 min)

Understand why using stainless steel helps conserve resources, improve air and water quality, extend building life, and minimize construction waste.

Finishes (35 min)

Learn how to specify finishes for uniform appearance, optimal matching, flatness, and durability.
Design and Specification (50 min)

Learn how to evaluate the corrosiveness of a site and select an appropriate stainless steel grade and finish for the application.

10h00 - 10h30


10h30 - 12h30

    Structural Applications (40 min)
Learn about the strength, fire and impact resistance and other design characteristics of stainless steel and how it compares with other structural metals.

Sustainable Building Envelopes & Interiors (80 min)

Long-term performance, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal make stainless steel an ideal material for sustainable new designs and refurbishment projects.

12h30 - 13h30


13h30 - 15h30

    Street Level Public Applications (40 min)

Parks, public areas, memorials, sculptures and other street level applications can be very demanding because of the possibility of impact and scratching damage; potentially high exposure to salts and urine; structural integrity requirements to ensure public safety; and the potential for minimal maintenance..

 Swimming Pools, Water Features & Parks (30 min)

Increase your understanding of the factors that make chlorinated interior and exterior swimming pools and water features particularly corrosive environments, and why stainless steel grade specification should vary with the application and service environment.

 Transit Buildings & Other Structures (50 min)

Learn why stainless steel is increasingly being used for both interior and exterior cutting-edge and practical interior and exterior applications in the world’s newest transit facilities.

15h30 16h00


16h00  17h00

    Refreshments will be served


Activity Reference : CPD SAIA 13-01
SACAP Category One CPD credit value : 1

 The South African Institute of Architects has assessed and validated this category One CPD Activity.  The activity carries 1 credit

Activity Reference:  SACQSP

6 -CPD Category 1 hours

 The South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession has validated 6 hours of CPD Category 1 hours.

Activity Reference:  SAICE

1 CPD Credit (1 Day)

 The South African Institution of Civil Engineering has validated 1 CPD Credit (1 day).

Activity Reference: SACPCMP/CPD/13/001

3 CPD Credit

The South African Council for the Project & Construction Management Professions has validated 3 CPD Credits


Cost R570.00 per person (including VAT)

Cost includes full day workshop (including lunch & refreshments), together with a CD of all the presentations. 

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