Frontline Spain : Architecture Under Zombie Attack


"The Superior Council of Colleges of Spanish Architects (CSCAE) alerted the UIA about a bill introduced by the Spanish Minister of the Economy and Competition which suggests enlarging legal competency for architectural design and realisation to other professions, in particular engineers." (1)

"UIA President Albert Dubler stated his support for the CSCAE position and expressed the world community of architect's concern over this proposition that threatens the foundations of our profession and contravenes Spanish laws on architecture - Ley de ordenación de la edificación - and the European Union directive on professional qualifications. The UIA vice-president for Western Europe, Antonio Riverso, also supported the UIA Spanish Section in this fight, along with the president of the Architects' Council Europe, Selma Harrington." (2)

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The Idiot's Guide to The Corporate Destruction of the Professions

The Spanish monarchy's government has introduced a draft bill into parliament which recommends that the Spanish Architectural Profession be diluted to allow other disciplines, occupations and trades to perform the Architect's duties and functions. If this draft bill becomes law the Spanish Architectural Profession will be decimated and will cease to exist as an independent and legitimate professional body. The outcome would be too catastrophic to contemplate - not just for Spain, its people, its architects and its environment but also for everyone one else on the planet; except for that very special 1% that seek to implement this absurd bill.

Melodramatic? No, not even close. 

If you have been paying attention to what is going on outside your 99% neighbourhood you would have noticed how much things have changed in the last ten years, you would have noticed how much the world has shrunk and in particular you would have noticed how interactive, interlaced and interdependent we have all become. 

If you live in Africa (or other interesting parts of the world) you would also have noticed that you are now fully corporatised and entitled to magnificent corporate benefits such as Fair Trade - which is that which happens when the US and EU prop up the value of their currency by reducing the value of your own whilst at the same time depleting the resources of your country. You might even be lucky enough to have armed drones flying over your house to keep you safe from terrorists of all types. 

Nice. It's all so nice. 

But there is a problem; standing between today's nice and tomorrow's corporatised even nicer Utopia there are a million architects saying NO! 

A silent war has been raging for some fifty years between the post WWII Anglo American controlled UN tentacle organisations and the professionals of the world. The destruction of the middle class is founded on the destruction of the professional class.

The new world dispensation has no need for a middle class and, in fact, views it as an impedement to total population control; the UN's defined objective.

It is no mystery and no secret that most of the Western World's legal and accounting professions have been completely compromised and now form the power base that controls the global financial system - Wall Street and City of London; the Ugly Twins. The beleaguered western medical profession, for example, is completely dominated by the pharmaceutical industry and the politics of health care scams.

But that is a medical problem for the Medical Profession to solve. We have our own problem … which only we, Architects, can solve.

The Architectural Profession has been fighting this worldwide war of attrition for decades; for example, between 1960 and 1990 the thriving autonomous Architectural and Construction Professions of most African countries were completely destroyed by the very same people that now seek to stab the Heart of European Architecture with the long blade of global corporatisation and banker self interest.

To those who are awake this is the Architectural equivalent of detonating a nuclear weapon in the Holy Land. This is not something any sane individual wants to see happen - not in Spain and not in any other country. 

This bill must not come to pass. 

Stand firmly with Spain's Architects; make your voice heard, take action.

Should I be asked for an editorial opinion I would venture thus;

I would suggest that we abolish the political class as the first step towards world salvation and leave the middle and professional classes well alone - and in charge of the very delicate process of salvation. 

In fact I might suggest that we abolish the useless monarchic class as a means to achieving that very desirable alternative.

But that, of course, is a matter for the Spanish People.

For us, outside Spain, this seditious attack on the world's finest representatives of the world's most beautiful profession should be a matter of deep personal and professional concern.

Don't be silent.


In 2006, he was appointed advisor for Lehman Brothers in Europe and director of its subsidiary bank in Spain and Portugal, where he remained until the collapse and declaration of bankruptcy of the latter in 2008. Subsequently, de Guindos became responsible for the finance division of Pricewaterhouse Coopers before joining as a minister.

In 2011 worked for the board of Mare Nostrum Bank until he resigned to become part of the government led by Mariano Rajoy in December of that year.

Pedro Buccellato
South Africa

(1) & (2) UIA Newsletter Feb. 2013