Nigeria: Complying With Rules On Gated Streets

Nigeria: Complying With Rules On Gated Streets - "It is understandable that no one will prefer to live where his family will be vulnerable to crime. But then, do the gates really guarantee security? The answer is an emphatic no. The rate at which street gates are being erected within the metropolis in recent time has become very worrisome. These gated streets constitute in most cases serious obstacles to the efficient management of the built environment and in particular to vehicular and pedestrian movement along roads that are funded and maintained from tax payers' money," The was the lamentation of the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola when he met with stakeholders early this year to deliberate on the way out of the ubiquitous street gates in the state. In fact, as at the time of the parley, the major roads in the state were witnessing terrible vehicular traffic due to the inability of vehicles to access adjoining streets which were most time under lock and key once the dusk set in. [AA Urbanisation]