Nigeria: Succour for Genuine Owners of Demolished Properties

Nigeria: Succour for Genuine Owners of Demolished Properties - When Fashola administration kicked off its mega city projects few months after it came on board in May 2007, there were anxieties all over the state, particularly by owners of property that were sited at the areas marked for transformation. They feared that their property might be tampered with. And when the work fully started, their fear was confirmed as not a few structures went down to pave way for the numerous developmental projects being embarked upon. Roads construction, which seems to enjoy priority attention because of the excruciating traffic in the state, actually affected many buildings. From Yaba to Ikorodu, Ajah to Epe, Okota to Badagry, road construction or one other developmental project was (is) being put up and sacrifice in term of demolition of buildings continued. As the owners of the affected building were lamenting the fate that befell them, the state government repeatedly assured that there was no cause to panic stressing that anyone with genuine title document would be adequately compensated in due course. And true to its words, the fulfillment of the government's assurance soon came to pass as the compensations started rolling in for those people with genuine documents. Before the last count, a whopping N722, 935,997:00 has been paid out and the payment continues until all the individuals, communities or organisations affected are covered. [AA Urbanisation]