Mozambique: Cahora Bassa Not Under Threat

Mozambique: Cahora Bassa Not Under Threat - Despite lurid headlines in the Mozambican press about a foreign plot to destroy the Cahora Bassa dam, in reality the dam is working normally, and its management knows nothing about the alleged plot. [AA Construction]

Note this extract:

Muxanga was reacting to a press conference given on Tuesday by the spokesman of the national police command, Pedro Cossa, who claimed that the police had arrested four foreigners who had been dumping an unspecified substance in the Cahora Bassa lake in an attempt to sabotage the dam. The four were a German military architect, a Portuguese hotelier, a Botswanan aircraft pilot, and a South African whom (so the police claim) calls himself a prophet.

The objective, according to Cossa, was to corrode the concrete and steel structure of the dam. He said the four had dropped 170 units of the mysterious corrosive substance in the lake and were in possession of a further 500 kilos.