Designing for Wellness: Utilizing Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design Features

Edward M. Johnson: AIA, ASLA, NOMA, Architect/President, Edward M. Johnson & Associates


Segment 1: "Architectural Building Features"
Segment 2: "Landscape Architectural Features"
Segment 3: "Interior Design Features"
Segment 4: "Planning and Design Features Meeting the Long-Term needs of Humans, Local Communities, and the Environment"

Edward M. Johnson, AIA, ASLA, NOMA, is a certified architect, landscape architect, and interior designer. "Eddie" has been creating buildings throughout the Washington, D.C. Capital Region and United States utilizing nature, color, light, sound, water, plants, art, sculptures, music, even organic food and beverages, among numerous other features to have direct effects on positive health benefits for humans, communities, and the overall environment. Most often such impacts are at no or can lower costs to developers using such improvements.

Edward M. Johnson & Associates is a boutique architectural firm offering specialty services relating to architecture. Its architecture, interior design, zoning adjustment acquisition, historic preservation, and site/landscape architecture services comes with over 35 years of support to private, public, local, and national clients. The firm recognizes that we live in a society today where many are trying to find a short cut - an easy way out - to do things. The company philosophy and practice is 'do it right'.

The firm prides itself in its ability to provide work products that meet industry standards and design requirements yet are rendered timely and in good taste. Mr. Johnson provides research including cost-effective and sustainability solutions supporting the design and construction of projects.

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