Introducing The Wireless Lightbulb Speaker ...

There is a monster amongst us, creeping up on walls and coming out of our ceilings. Home audio has complicated our lives for far too long. Wires meet your nemesis!

Installing traditional home audio systems can be demanding. Drilling holes and running wires can be expensive and time consuming. Keeping the wires neat, is impossible, we all know it, no one wants to see them running from room to room, anyway. That is why so many people want wireless but you need an advanced degree in engineering to install most of these systems.

Meet the AudioMotion LightBulb Speaker System. We have combined music, wireless technology and light, into one unit, which are as easy to install as screwing in a lightbulb !

The AudioMotion bulb is distributed by Tier One Electronics, who also own the ID. This is not short for Identity Document, but when it comes to technology it is pretty close. Tier One owns the Intellectual Design of the product. What is Intellectual Design you ask? There is a company out there who come up with an idea, amazing stuff that you and I haven’t even dreamed up yet! They don’t actually manufacture the products; they just come up with the idea and then do the design and develop the blueprint. You, as a company can buy the idea, which then gives you the right to produce and market the product. So hats off to Tier One for bringing it to South Africa !

So back to the AudioMotion Light bulb Speaker System. Can installation, really be as simple as replacing a light bulb? The answer is yes! To install, simply remove your existing light bulb and replace it with the AudioMotion light bulb speaker, it is that easy. Just dock your Ipod / Iphone or other music player into the transmitter and the bulbs play, crystal clear audio, via a 2.4 Ghz wireless connection. The sound quality is astonishing and the integrated super bright LED bulbs, can be individually dimmed, or switched off, so when the lights go out... you still have sound!

The package includes a docking station for your Ipod / Iphone, a handy remote control, and two LED light Bulb speakers. The bulbs can be used with a bayonet or screw fitting (Edison), so either way, you are good to go! And once you are up and running and want to equip the whole house, each system can handle upto 8 lightbulbs, so all you have to do is buy more.

If you would like to have the latest cutting edge technology, and be the most envied kid on the block, then the AudioMotion Light Bulb Speaker System, is the way to go. Give your traditional Hi-fi system a run for its money and look at adding the fully wireless 2.4GHz subwoofer. You won’t look back, that’s because you will be blown away by how fantastic it is!

No matter what your living situation, AudioMotion bulbs bring quality, hassle free, home audio into any lifestyle or dwelling, not to mention hotels, restaurants, churches... anywhere really. A simple, new solution for your home audio needs, this Light Bulb Speaker is a marvellous invention, so, don’t waste time setting up your music, rather, enjoy your music and change the way you experience hom audio. This product is causing a sensation in consumer electronics markets around the world and rightfully so, this product is nothing short of phenomenal.

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