Books : Johannesburg Transition - Architecture and Society from 1950

Johannesburg Transition - Architecture and Society from 1950, is the follow-on to architect, Clive Chipkin's first, highly successful and now out-of-print book, Johannesburg Style - Architecture and Society 1880s - 1960s.

Johannesburg Transition closely examines the built environment of southern Africa's economic hub from pre-1950 to the present. This comprehensive study neatly combines facts and figures with highly informed commentary and an abundance of carefully selected photographs and illustrations. Clive Chipkin brings his intellect to bear on the usually impenetrable workings of architects, planners and engineers to unravel a complex tale in a style that is lively and engrossing.

Clive Chipkin was born in Johannesburg in 1929. He was an architect in practice and external / part time lecturer for over four decades at Wits University. He also taught in and was director of the enrichment programme at Wits between 1987 and 1995.

Clive's principal published work is the authoritative Johannesburg Style - Architecture & Society 1880s - 1960, published by David Phillip in 1993.

Chipkin has also been involved in several other publications. These include:

· Co-author with Aron, Benjamin, Zar - Parktown 1892-1972 (Studio Thirty Five Publications 1972)
· Author - Preparing for Apartheid in Fisher & Le Roux ed. Architecture of the Transvaal (UNISA 1998)
· Chapter in Apartheid and After (Nederlands Architektuurinstituut 1998)
· Contributor to edition on Johannesburg in Bauwelt (Berlin 1997)
· Published work in South African Architectural Record; Architecture SA; Architectural Review; RIBA Journal etc.

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