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Just a Reflector: Upside-Down Mural Looks Right in the Water Below

archiWEB 3.0 - 18 October, 2016 - 03:00
[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

mural painting actual

Designed to look right-side-up when reflected off the water below, this series wall murals features a series of nautical themes, including depictions of swimmers, rowers and swans. While the image above is accurate and untouched, a modified photo (shown below) shows a more idealized version that does not really reflect reality.

photoshopped reflective water mural

New York-based Ray Bartkus made this mural for the Lithuanian city of Marijampole, set alongside the river Šešupe, which flows through the city’s center. The artist is known for other works that rely on mirrors and reflections as well.

mural artists work

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DOJ files charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 02:29

Preview Maricopa County’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio is about to see the criminal justice system from the other side. Arpaio is being charged with contempt of court after violating a 2011 injunction to stop enforcing federal civil immigration law.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/363100-arpaio-faces-charges-criminal/?utm_source=rss&utm_...
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Top police organization apologizes for ‘historical mistreatment’ of minorities

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 02:00

Preview A formal apology from the International Association of Chiefs of Police to “communities of color” for “darker periods” in law enforcement is garnering a mixed reaction. Some are calling it appeasement, while others see it as paying phony lip service.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/363099-iacp-police-apology-minorities-historical-mistreat...
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Orbital’s Antares rocket launches for first time since 2014 explosion

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 01:43

Preview Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket took off without a hitch from Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia after a one-day postponement. It’s the first spacecraft the NASA contractor has launched since an explosion in 2014.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/363098-orbital-antares-rocket-launch/?utm_source=rss&utm_...
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Herzog & de Meuron

archiWEB 3.0 - 18 October, 2016 - 01:33
Herzog & de Meuron Feltrinelli Porta Volta building . Milan Herzog & de Meuron . photos: © Simone Bossi . + dezeen Herzog & de Meuron completes Feltrinelli Porta Volta. _ _ Strengthening and Reinforcing the City The overall masterplan for Porta Volta holds an important strategic potential for creating a positive impact on the surrounding area, due to … Continue reading Herzog & de Meuron Source Reference: :  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/pVIv/~3/Nh8KB6C7Ve4/

Texas AG investigates 'voter fraud' after 1 person helps elderly during primary – report

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 01:12

Preview The Texas Attorney General has opened a "voter fraud" probe of mail-in ballots for primary elections in Tarrant County, a new report says. Texas has led the US in seeking voting restrictions, such as a voter ID law that courts have called discriminatory.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/363097-texas-investigation-voter-fraud/?utm_source=rss&ut...
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Bruno Fioretti Marquez

archiWEB 3.0 - 18 October, 2016 - 01:05
Bruno Fioretti Marquez tempelhof – thf visitors centre . berlin Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten . + competitionline Bruno Fioretti Marquez awarded a 2nd prize for the competition in Berlin won by :mlzd that will transform one of Tempelhof airport towers into a visitors center. _ Source Reference: :  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/pVIv/~3/yaNsCxTkEOw/

Firebombed GOP office in N. Carolina goes back to work, Utah Republicans receive threats

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 00:53

Preview Even as local, state and federal investigators gather evidence in the firebombing of the Orange County Republican Party headquarters and graffiti of a nearby business in North Carolina, the office has reopened. Other GOP offices are now receiving threats.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/363096-firebombed-gop-reopens-911-call/?utm_source=rss&ut...
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The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW): Big Three Bargaining, Different Ways Of Making History

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 00:14

Canadian autoworkers have long been pace setters in the Canadian labour movement and as soon as its most recent agreement with General Motors was ratified, Unifor (the successor in 2013 after the merger of CAW and CEP) laid claim to…

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-canadian-auto-workers-caw-big-three-bargaining-...
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There is cause for optimism

SA Politics - 18 October, 2016 - 00:09
DA leader says Zuma’s bold attack on our national wellbeing has awoken many sleeping giants

Canada Goes To War. Trudeau Postures For The UN

Ozmic World News ® - 18 October, 2016 - 00:05

Wow, the world gets crazier every moment!  Stephen Lewis, former socialist NDP leader from Canada’s province of Ontario was asked about PM Justin Trudeau’s letter to the UN asking for a special General Assembly meeting, as reported by the CBC…

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/canada-goes-to-war-trudeau-postures-for-the-un/5551...
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Higher Education: Public or private good?

SA Politics - 18 October, 2016 - 00:01
Belinda Bozzoli says fully funding the universities is a recipe for state control over them

Storyline Cafe by JUNSEKINO Architect + Design | Café interiors

archiWEB 3.0 - 18 October, 2016 - 00:00

“The coffee shop that doesn’t solely serve coffee but can simultaneously be provided as the multi-purpose space. Besides, it must also be able to serve as the meeting point which allows people to relax while doing their works”. This is the first intention from the owner of the creative agency office in Bangkok who demands for the coffee and food shop to combine with the co-working space. From their distinct desire, they later decided to turn their meeting room into café with the main concept of “eat, talk and work”. The renovation remodeled the existed suffocating space of the first floor and a part of second floor to become alive. The coffee bar and the kitchen are located on the first floor which could be noticed firstly when entrancing the building. Besides being café and restaurant during daytime, the coffee bar is also transformed into the bar either for the staff’s party or for alcohol fanciers when the sun goes down. Moreover, the outdoor space with transparent roofing i… continue

Source Reference: :  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/architonic/es/architecture_news/~3/aOT-ym5mnCA/51...

H3 House by Luciano Kruk | Detached houses

archiWEB 3.0 - 18 October, 2016 - 00:00

Mar Azul, a seashore town in Villa Gesell Department, neighboring Mar de las Pampas, had its sand dunes terrain divided into a grid pattern. Its dense aged pinewood grants Mar Azul’s atmosphere pleasant quietness and tranquility. In a modest, 210 square meter plot of land on a corner, eight blocks away from the sea, rises H3, a minimum tread house designed to make the most of the parcel’s dimensions and the natural surroundings. The commissioner: 3 sisters and each of their families. Even though their budget was limited, they we valued ability to express what they wished H3 should be: their shared summer house, their own place to rest amid nature.They requested that the house’s dimensions should be defined very rigorously. The brief should comprise a predominant social area and a more private one, constituted by two bedrooms: an ample master bedroom and a smaller cabin-like one, both sharing a common bathroom. They wanted the master bedroom to open up outwards into a semi-covered… continue

Source Reference: :  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/architonic/es/architecture_news/~3/9O3Rz6NKmmw/51...

Sereine by Septembre | Detached houses

archiWEB 3.0 - 18 October, 2016 - 00:00

Conversion of an old farmhouse into a summer house for a family of four. The project concept was to keep as much as possible of the old structure while adapting it to its new use. Discrete interventions on the internal fittings and use of rugged materials with natural appearance allows for a gentle preservation of the initial appearance of the building and its annex. The house is divided in three distinct zones, one public area with kitchen, dining and living room, the children’s rooms and play area and the parents’ bedroom and bathroom. The public zone constitutes the link between the parent’s area and the children’s. The existing structure underwent large transformation with installation of floor heating, insulation of all ceiling and walls, and additions of windows. The windows have generous proportions and are positioned on key points to frame the surrounding landscape. On the ground floor 5 glass doors allows for a multiple choice of access into the garden. An opening betwe… continue

Source Reference: :  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/architonic/es/architecture_news/~3/jR0Xy-hCJFg/51...

Millennials equally dislike Trump, Clinton & Putin – but would vote socialist

Ozmic World News ® - 17 October, 2016 - 23:57

Preview A new study surveying American attitudes towards capitalism, socialism or communism found younger Americans preferred George W. Bush and Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin. Nearly half of Gen Z would vote for a socialist.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/363095-millennials-equally-dislike-trump-clinton/?utm_sou...
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The Wikileaks “Podesta Files”: Who Runs The White House?

Ozmic World News ® - 17 October, 2016 - 23:56

America knows the leverage corporations have on Washington, but the latest WikiLeaks files on Podesta show how big the influence truly is.

WikiLeaks just released the 9th set of intercepted emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign boss John Podesta. The current…

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-wikileaks-podesta-files-who-runs-the-white-hous...
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As WikiLeaks Access To Internet Is Severed, New Clinton Email Bombshell Emerges

Ozmic World News ® - 17 October, 2016 - 23:53

According to the above statement from the WikiLeaks Twitter account, a state party has intentionally cut off access to the Internet for Julian Assange, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks. This happened after the ninth consecutive day of releases of…

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/as-wikileaks-access-to-internet-is-severed-new-clin...
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