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Hundreds Go Missing as Iraq Begins Rounding Up Civilians

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 06:00

While the Iraqi government made a big deal over the weekend of arresting some members of their allied Shi’ite militias for kidnapping, torturing, and killing refugees from ISIS-held Fallujah, the problem appears to just be growing, with the Iraqi military itself now reportedly rounding up people on the same pretext as the militias were, and shipping them to a detention center, just like the militias were.

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DHS Secretary Sees All Americans As A Threat: "Gun Control Has To Be A Part Of Homeland Security"

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 06:00

The agency’s source of power has always been fear. And now is the time to capitalize upon it. Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson has seized upon the Orlando shooting and is… rather predictably… using the specter of terrorism as a pretext for instituting gun control on a wider scale. (Of course, he isn’t alone.)

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Man rams gate at CIA headquarters, says agency recruited him

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 06:00

Authorities say a Maryland man rammed a gate at the CIA's headquarters in northern Virginia and then told a responding officer that the agency had recruited him. Court documents state that Thomas Luu, who is charged with destruction of property, rammed the padlocked 8-foot chain link gate in a Ford Focus about 2 a.m. Monday, and drove about 75 feet into the compound.

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Cost of most popular Obamacare plans to spike by double digits in 2017 – report

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 05:48

Preview Popular Obamacare plans are expected to come with a double digit price hike once enrollment for 2017 begins mere days before the presidential election, a new analysis predicts. It also found a steep drop in the number of health insurers.
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High turnover: Oakland interim police chief replaced after one week

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 05:19

Preview Oakland has hired its second interim chief of police in less than a week. Ben Fairow was replaced due to revelations prompting the city to “reconsider” his leadership qualities, a turnaround that Mayor Libby Schaaf conceded “may shake the public trust.”
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Lille mayhem: English fans throw change at kids in the street to watch them fight over it (VIDEO)

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 05:10

Preview A video has emerged online showing a large group of English football fans in Lille pitching coins at four children seemingly begging for money so that they could watch them crawl in the street while fighting for the change.
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Social media preferred source for 51% of news consumers – survey

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 05:06

Preview In another blow to big publishers and their revenues, a global poll has found that over half its respondents use online sources like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to get their news, refusing to pay for conventional sources or deal with their advertising.
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Opioid addiction clinics under moratorium in Georgia as demand grows for treatment

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 05:02

Preview Abuse of opioids is rampant across the entire US, but in the southeast, the only state with enough clinics to meet the rising demand for help has just put a moratorium on the facilities, as some want more regulation of treatment for painkiller addicts.
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WHO researchers claim very hot drinks ‘probably’ cause cancer, coffee OK though

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 03:40

Preview The World Health Organization says there’s enough evidence to suggest that drinking “very hot” beverages “probably” causes cancer, although coffee’s classification as carcinogenic has been downgraded.
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Life-forming molecule discovered in deep space may hold key to life on Earth

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 03:33

Preview Scientists are one step closer to proving we’re all made of stars with the discovery of a complex life-forming molecule in deep space. A chiral molecule essential for life was detected in a giant gas cloud 390 light years away from the Milky Way’s center.

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NATO aims to feed fears by painting Russia as ‘treacherous enemy’ – Russian Defense Ministry

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 02:46

Preview Russia’s Defense Ministry has rejected allegations from NATO accusing Moscow of thwarting military transparency in Europe by holding an “unexpected” military exercise. The ministry blamed the block for deliberately creating the perception of a “Russian threat.”
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Fox News host shocks audience by asking: ‘Do we need AR-15s?’

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 01:53

Preview Fox News host Gretchen Carlson caused shock on Wednesday by calling into question whether Americans should be able to purchase AR-15s, a semi-automatic rifle that has been used in several recent mass shootings.
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In response to Orlando attack, Trump renews call for immigration ban

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 01:32

Preview Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has again called for restricting immigration from certain countries, arguing that it is the only way to prevent more terrorist attacks like Sunday’s Orlando nightclub massacre.
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CIA agent on terrorism: ‘Stories manufactured by elite to keep us killing each other’

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 01:31

Preview A former CIA counterterrorism agent has said it is time to talk about why terrorism really happens, and to address the “misguided narratives” that lead to oversimplification of the situation and continued war.
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Wrap it up: Condoms may increase teen pregnancy

Ozmic World News ® - 16 June, 2016 - 01:04

Preview The idea of high schools providing birth control options to students is controversial, and new research from the University of Notre Dame may make the debate even livelier: Access to condoms on campus can increase teen births, the study finds.
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Oblique glass pyramid thrusts skyward from SOM's leadership centre at US military campus

archiWEB 3.0 - 16 June, 2016 - 01:00

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill has completed a new building on the grounds of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, featuring a glass skylight resembling the tail-fin of a jet that points towards the North Star (+ slideshow). (more…)

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Leepa: Guidelines for the compliant construction of Leepa-type timber post and beam houses

archiWEB 3.0 - 16 June, 2016 - 00:59

Publicado por UN-HABITAT para ERRA (gobierno paquistaní) se trata de una manual que analiza la tipología edificatoria del valle de Leepa (que da nombre a la tipología). Escrito por S.Habib Mughal, Sheikh Ahsan Ahmed, Asim Khilji y Maggie Stephenson, es un manual muy completo sobre una tipología cuya preservación cultural y patrimonial es muy necesaria.
Descarga el libro en *.pdf AQUÍ

leepahttp://tectonicablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/leepa-300x136.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 333px) 100vw, 333px" />

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Proyecto Chacras

archiWEB 3.0 - 16 June, 2016 - 00:08

3http://tectonicablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/3-2-300x200.jpg 300w, http://tectonicablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/3-2-768x511.jpg 768w, http://tectonicablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/3-2.jpg 1600w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />Descarga el PDF con más información

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Masterplan set to revitalise Byron Bay

archiWEB 3.0 - 16 June, 2016 - 00:00

Byron Bay – an iconic destination in the State of New South Wales in Australia attracts 1.5 million tourists a year and is home to 9,420 shire residents. With such a profound celebration of place comes a strong passion to protect, leading to ad hoc decision making and a conflation of issues. The need for [...] → READ MORE

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The New Tate Modern by Herzog & de Meuron | Architonic

archiWEB 3.0 - 16 June, 2016 - 00:00

Tate Modern has changed London since 2000. The impact it has had on urban design and the development of the South Bank and Southwark, has been as substantial as its influence on the city’s artistic, cultural and social life. The new development will add another decisive dimension to the architecture and environment of this quarter and beyond. With a new entrance to the South, and a direct North-South passage, taking people from the Thames through the existing building and the Turbine Hall out to a new city plaza to the South on Sumner Street and from there on to Southwark, the new development will connect Southwark with the Thames and provide much improved open, public space. Tate Modern is the world’s most visited museum of modern and contemporary art. In its next stage of development the vision is to establish a new model for museums of modern and contemporary art, by fully integrating the display, learning and social functions of the museum, strengthening links between the museu

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