Date Country News Item
10.12.17 Africa Global malaria report reveals Africa's hits and misses: here's what to do
10.12.17 South Africa Spat over Cape Town school’s swimming pool plan
09.12.17 Uganda Government Asked to Draft New Laws to Control Kampala Traffic Jam
09.12.17 Cameroon Building Permits - Online Application Soon to Begin
09.12.17 Botswana Ghanzi Stadium in Progress
09.12.17 Zimbabwe Residents livid as council approves construction on Harare Wetland
09.12.17 Zimbabwe Multi-million-dollar mansion of Bona Mugabe, stalls in wake of dad's fall from power
09.12.17 South Africa Two Workers Injured As Durban Shopping Centre Roof Collapses
08.12.17 South Africa Metrorail’s own stats show how bad its service is
08.12.17 Mauritius Jobs: Property Developer Trainee - Mauritius
07.12.17 International Local and regional leaders lead the debate on city innovation and technology at the UCLG World Council
07.12.17 Zimbabwe Why the focus on China’s role in Mugabe’s fall missed the bigger picture
06.12.17 South Africa Engineering research in Africa is growing but it's still a patchy picture
06.12.17 South Africa R60 billion banks lawsuit heads for Gauteng court
06.12.17 South Africa Repossession of homes: Nedbank responds to criticism
05.12.17 South Africa Private sector called to invest in water sector
04.12.17 Zimbabwe Residents Blame Corruption, Abuse of Power for Harare Wetlands Destruction
04.12.17 Nigeria SON Sets Up Adhoc Committee to Address Building Collapse
04.12.17 South Africa Failure of commuter rail is a crime against urban poor
04.12.17 Somalia Somaliland after the elections: old traps, new challenges
04.12.17 South Africa Cape Town's City Hall closed for renovations
04.12.17 South Africa Sustainable re-use and recycling work for heritage buildings and places too
04.12.17 South Africa WOMAG Introduces Phoenix Stone's New Colour Ways
03.12.17 Zimbabwe A clean break with Mugabe's past will have to wait - even beyond elections
03.12.17 South Africa South Africa's twin malnutrition challenges: hunger and obesity
01.12.17 International Launch of the second training module on localizing the SDGs during the Mercociudades Summit
01.12.17 South Africa Greywater systems to save gardens (and property values) during dry summers
01.12.17 International Expert Group Meeting on Subnational Finance and Financing for Development
01.12.17 South Africa City promises Mfuleni shack dwellers toilets and electricity in 2018
30.11.17 South Africa Man electrocuted on city councillor’s train in Cape Town