CPD Masterclass : Rapid Thought Transport Workshop III (Joburg)


You are invited to participate in the 3rd Rapid Thought Transport Workshop: Re- Imagining Rosebank to be run by Enrico Daffonchio, architect.

The masterclass will run through the weekend on 25, 26th July at Arts on Main.

CPD validation: 4 category 1 CPD points are allocated to this workshop.

We will take between 8 and 10 practicing architects, and 2 architectural students. Cost to practicing architects is R1000-00 exc VAT.

You are invited to join this rich program of critical thinking and design around the contemporary problematics of Joburg. Work produced will be presented publically, and featured in a Taxi DVD and Catalogue to be produced at the end of the year, after 8 workshops have been run.

If you are interested in this Masterclass please contact Sarah Calburn urgently as *places are limited*. Contact details on above image.


FRIDAY THE 31ST JULY at David Krut Projects


This project will tackle the opportunities offered to Rosebank by the advent of the BRT and Gautrain - which we must regard as the most 'public' platforms that have been laid down in Joburg, possibly in the last 100 years. These twin developments thus hold critical potential by way of a counteraction to the rapidly privatizing 'public' domains of the city, and they merge, crucially, at Rosebank. Rosebank currently shows all the signs of maintaining and amplifying its current fortification - notably, it appears to be entrenching its limiting strategy of 'quasi-public' space which is defined, essentially, by Mall type development, and constrained urban access points. The planned demolition of Old Mutual Square is a case in point, as public, historic space is transformed into franchised and controlled space - a huge Edgars store, by which the 'wall' of Oxford Road is re-fortified.

The design methodology of the studio will focus around the act of design itself: Enrico takes as his point of interest the identification of certain pivotal moments in the creative thought process. It is undoubtedly true that design-thinking requires an active collaboration between both our rational and our irrational thought processes. Could we see Rosebank, currently, as an extremely limited model of rationality, or even as a historic ideal city? In this sense, Enrico will aim towards experimentation in design thinking: he is interested in looking at creative systems used by actors, by lawyers, by mathematicians and chefs, for example. The aim, here, is to arrive at design proposals which do not in any way re-iterate or re-state the givens, which do not regurgitate the stereotypes: we are looking for design outcomes which may surprise you, and us... Design solutions which are seriously able to re-imagine Rosebank, and which in the process make us able to re-imagine ourselves.