Gauteng : Towards Responsible Governance & End To Corruption


Democrats, today thousands of us have marched on the Gauteng Premier’s Office to deliver a clear message to this corrupt government:

The people of Gauteng have had enough of corruption and unemployment under Jacob Zuma’s ANC.

On 7 May we will make history by firing this corrupt government in Gauteng and hiring a new one.

When we vote for a DA government in Gauteng we will be sending a message to Zuma’s ANC: we demand more jobs, less corruption and better services.

While so many people struggle to find jobs, Premier Nomvula Mokonyane is swimming in a R500 000 swimming pool paid for with public funds.

When people vote for the DA, they are voting for clean government and policies that will create 6 million permanent, real jobs in South Africa.

Millions of these jobs will be created in Gauteng and the DA is the only party with the policies to do it.

We have marched today in support of these jobs policies that will restore hope for a better life for the people of Gauteng.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs in Gauteng who can’t start businesses because this government does not support them.

On 7 May we are going to start an entrepreneur-led revolution in Gauteng.

Entrepreneurs must lead job creation in Gauteng and a DA government will empower them to do it.

We will build Opportunity Centres were people can get advice, resources and support to start their small businesses.

We will rent out government buildings for R1 a year to entrepreneurs with business ideas that can create jobs in this province.

We will break down large tenders into smaller ones so that community suppliers can compete.

And we will open all tender committees to the public so that we can stop this corruption that causes the same connected people from benefitting over and over again.

Instead of supporting entrepreneurs Zuma’s ANC has given us job-killing e-tolls.

We will call a referendum so that people can vote against these e-tolls that Zuma’s ANC has given us.

Not only must people have freedom to start businesses in Gauteng but they must also have the freedom to own property.

There are 220 000 families in Gauteng waiting for title deeds for their homes.

The problem with this government in Gauteng is that when it builds houses for people it fails to make people the owners of those houses.

We must capitalize these 220 000 families by giving them their title deeds.

In the process we will transform this Gauteng economy by allowing 1.6 million people to invest in property and to gain equity from it.

People want change that brings jobs. In this election we will send a message to Zuma’s ANC that people are tired of unemployment and corruption.

On 7 May the DA will bring these job creation policies into government in Gauteng.

Gauteng must be a place of hope for everyone who comes here in search of a better life.

Together we can bring jobs to Gauteng, together we can restore the hope for a better life for all. Amandla!

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