Maestro Architects Ltd


Maestro Architects Ltd was founded in 2005 on the merger of the practices of Arch. Charles Ogeto and Arch. Kimathi Itaru. The seed was however planted in the formative years of the two architects while they worked and trained in the employ of older architects.

The firm has evolved from a two-man show to a formidable company in portfolio, manpower and capital terms, growing a healthy clientele in the East African region.

The firm’s anchoring philosophy is that the world’s evolving fast: IT-enabled work styles are intensifying space and time use, emphasizing flexibility. The twenty first century citizen expects delightful spaces, which are economically dynamic, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. As such, innovative solutions for both the public and private sectors are advancing quickly, shifting development economics onto a cost basis. These innovations can only be enhanced by consultants who can understand and reconcile imaginatively, the needs of developers, retailers, customers, financiers, and communities and who can offer unique value-adding skills that enhance community lifestyles and promote environmental sustainability.

It is this realization that drives Maestro Architects to continually evolve and adapt to changing trends so that the title ‘Master builders’ can always be apt for the firm.