Lisa Tolkin Architecture and Landscaper


Lisa Tolkin Architects specializes in luxury up market Residential Projects. Over the years we have designed some of the most exclusive homes in South Africa and internationally. Our homes reflect a passion for excellence in detail and design. Our private clients are usually well traveled professionals who contract us to find a site, design, detail and build their homes from inception to completion.

We design and build homes according to our clients brief. At the moment we are busy building a traditional French inspired home based on the top hotels in the world. We are also building a home which is a fusion of contemporary and traditional style, and also completely modern and contemporary houses.

Quality, attention to detail, and relentless supervision is our trademark. The practice has gained an international reputation as specialists in recreating boutique style homes based on exclusive, luxury living.

We believe that the home, garden and interior form one unified whole, hence we offer a full service in all areas of lifestyle.

Our clients will bear testimony to our professional handling and commitment to their projects. We believe that the stress of building should be removed from the client and hence our dedication to contracting, documenting and the professional managing of the professional team.

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