Leading Durban-based architectural firm DGIT, has welcomed the arrival of new associate, Jonathan Edkins.  Established in 1997 and headed up by Ndabo Langa, dgit is a full-service architectural practice that operates in both the public and private sectors.

“Jonathan is a knowledgeable and dedicated Professional Architect, Project Manager and Strategic Development Manager, with 30 three years of professional practice in the private and public sectors,” says Langa.  “He brings with him a wealth of experience in the practice of Architecture, in its broadest sense, at a local and international level and we are excited at the contribution he will make to our practice at a strategic management level.”

Edkins, a recognised expert in City Architecture and Urban Management, says he is “looking forward to sharing accumulated knowledge, participating in strategic projects, and collectively forging new directions”, in his new associate role.  He has led multidisciplinary professional teams to deliver architectural projects at various scales, and to establish beneficial programmes to improve service delivery.

Edkins says his current intention and professional goal is to gain wisdom and enjoy personal growth, through sharing and practicing Architecture on a collaborative level, with other experts and colleagues with similar ambitions. This will focus particularly on Architecture as applied at a city urban development level, and exploring the limits of the role of Architecture as a profession contributing positively to leadership in social regeneration.