Richard Saul Wurman's Urban Observatory(tm)

Richard Saul Wurman is an American architect, artist and author best known in the world of Informatics as the "Father of Information Architecture". His life's work in this discipline is now manifesting its importance, relevance and practical application to present global issues in his Urban Observatory(tm) project. Visit the site for an overview and then go to the platform for an experience that will pleasantly surprise you.

"The Urban Observatory provides a framework for answering questions about cities through maps.  Questions related to where people live, work, and play can be answered by comparative visual analysis.

The Urban Observatory is open to all cities with authoritative content to share. Add your organization's unique information to expand the global understanding of cities. Participation means turning that content into specific, meaningful maps that help tell your city’s stories. 

Participation is quick and simple. These tools let you retain control of what source data is used, and how to query it properly to provide what Urban Observatory requires. For example, the Population Density map requires only one demographic attribute: total population. Although your source data may have hundreds or thousands of attributes, the only one required for the Population Density map in Urban Observatory is total population."  Read more...

The only city in Africa currently supported is Johannesburg. Professional and academic institutions in Africa should give serious consideration to participating in this project in order to grow the Urban Observatory information on African cities.

"This isn't an esoteric thing for city planners. It's meant for the population to understand themselves" - Richard Saul Wurman 

Richard Saul Wurman, Radical Media, and Esri bring you the Urban Observatory—a live museum with a data pulse. You'll have access to rich datasets for cities around the world that let you simultaneously view answers to the most important questions impacting today's global cities—and you. Compare and contrast visualized information for a greater understanding of life in the 21st century.

This video is a compete run through of the Urban Observatory exhibit that premiered at the Esri User Conference 2013 as part of the project created by Richard Saul Wurman, Jack Dangermond (Esri) and Jon Kamen (; 19.20.21.
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