Angola and Namibia Study Model of Baynes Dam Construction

Malanje — Angola and Namibia on Wednesday discussed technical, economic and environmental requirements for the construction of the Baynes Binational hydroelectric dam in the border region of both countries.

From the Angolan side, the meeting was led by the director-general of the Cabinet for Administration of the Cunene Rivers Watersheds, Cuando Cubango and Cuvelai, Carolino Mendes and by the Namibian delegation, Simeon Negungo, sénior staff of the Mime and Energy Ministry.

The meeting took place in the Lauca hydro-electric dam in the municipality of Cacuso and served to transmit the experiences of Angola to Namibia on the construction of hydroelectric projects, such as the Cuanza River corridor, namely Lauca, Capanda and Cambambe.

At the end of the meeting, the director general Carolino Mendes praised the advantages that the two countries could have with the construction of the dam, especially in the leverage of economic projects and improving the lives of its citizens, in view of the production of energy for both regions.

Under both state cooperation, a meeting between Angola's Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, and his Namibian counterpart, Tom Alweendo, will take place Friday in Lauca, to discuss issues related to the Permanent Technical Joint Commission for the Cunene River (CPTC).