Africa's Megacities: Boom or Bust


By Alain Tschudin

Regular readers of Africa in Fact will recall our edition on local government (April 2016), which established a new template for the journal, with more space for articles and an attractive design based on high-quality photography and useful infographics.

Following that, we instituted a process of continuous improvement that has seen the journal become a must-have source of information and argument for decision makers in government, business, civil society and academia, as well as general readers.

Fast-forward one year and, in introducing this edition, we are now much more widely available. Thanks to Michelle Venter, our acting general manager, you'll find us on the shelves of a range of important outlets around South Africa. That's only a first step. As a pan-African journal, we plan to reach outlets around the continent as soon as practically possible. Our aim is to provide thoughtful, evidence-based analysis and reportage around the challenges and opportunities involved in African governance. And that means expanding our footprint.