Chinese to Build New Gaza Airport

A new airport in Gaza "will happen", President Filipe Nyusi told a rally in Limpopo district, yesterday. "Technicians have already come here to take measurements and do soil tests. The tender has been launched in China and the company that wins will start construction this year. We have the money; it has already been donated and an agreement has been signed." He criticised those who oppose the airport as being people "who do not want to develop Gaza". (O Pais 3 Apr)

Comment by J.Hanlon: Another white elephant? Mozambique is under increasing pressure to plan infrastructure investments more rationally. A Gaza airport is not in any plan and would not be high on any list. Even if it is politically essential to spend money in the Frelimo-stronghold of Gaza, there has been no public discussion of whether an expensive new airport is a priority for the province.