Maputo Ring Road Still Not Complete

Maputo — The public company Maputo-Sul has no money to complete the Maputo Ring Road, its chairperson, Silva Magaia, admitted in an interview with the independent television station STV.

The final section of the Ring Road is section six, which should link the ring road to the Maputo-South Africa motorway (EN4). This is held up, Magaia said, because Maputo-Sul does not have the funds to resettle about 500 households in the outer Maputo neighbourhood of Luis Cabral through which section six will run.

The road is being built with 300 million US dollars from the Exim Bank of China. But under the contract, the contractor, the China Road and Bridges Corporation (CRBC), is not responsible for moving people or demolishing structures that are in the way of the road. That is the Mozambican government's responsibility, Magaia explained.