Lagos and the Burden of Refuse Collection

By Luke Onyekakeyah

If there is any state in Nigeria that has raised public awareness about waste disposal and environmental sanitation, it is Lagos State. Since 2008 when the Fashola administration assumed power in the state, waste disposal was raised as a major challenge of government.

Though, the tempo has varied from one administration to the other, the undying consciousness that solid waste management is a major problem that must be tackled in Lagos remains unshaken. There is no two ways about it if the city must be habitable with the teeming population. That is why no administration should allow Lagos to return to the era of filth and garbage dump.

The trend promoted by the Fashola administration whereby garbage trucks operated by private sector concerns (PSP) were deployed to practically all the nooks and crannies of Lagos to evacuate refuse every other day greatly changed the sanitation condition in city. The trend saw a new Lagos; indeed, something that has never been seen in the city.