Reconstruction of Maxixe Jetty Begins

Maputo — Mozambican Transport Minister Carlos Mesquita on Wednesday laid the first stone for the reconstruction for the jetty at the town of Maxixe, in the southern province of Inhambane, which was severely damaged by Cyclone Dineo in February 2017.

The jetty is vital for the ferry service between Maxixe and Inhambane city. Although a temporary jetty, made of local materials, was hastily erected after the cyclone, the two large ferry boats that usually carry passengers between the two cities cannot moor at it. These two boats, the “Magaluti” and the “Baia de Inhambane” have been paralysed since the cyclone, and so passengers have depended on small, unsafe vessels to make the crossing.

The reconstruction of the jetty should take three months, and will cost 36.8 million meticais (about 605,000 US dollars), financed by the Japanese government. The contractor is the Portuguese company Teixeira Duarte.