Residents decry absence of new agency to evacuate waste

By Benjamin Olisah and Wasiu Salami

'It is too early to dismiss Cleaner Lagos Initiative as failure'

Residents of Bariga Local Government Area of Lagos State have lamented the absence of the state's waste management authorities responsible for waste disposal, stating that the absence is making their communities filthy with heaps of refuse.

They made their grievances known yesterday to The Guardian after waiting for several weeks with no sight for the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) trucks to evacuate their waste. They added that their plight was worsen by the recent clampdown on cart pushers, who have thinned out for fear of being arrested by the state's task force.

Asked whether they are aware of the newly initiated Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) saddled with the responsibility to make all parts of the city clean, Mr. Kareem Alaba, a secondary school teacher said: "I really don't know why the LAWMA trucks have stopped coming. The rumour going around was that there are some issues between them and the new operators but recently we heard that has been settled out of court. Sadly however, I have not seen either of the CLI or LAWMA people in our area since late last year and the mounting waste is becoming a big concern to us."