We'll Sell You a Shell of a House, Finish It When You Get Cash

By Leopold Obi

To help aspiring home owners who do not have all the cash required to buy or build a home, a Mombasa-based real estate firm has come up with a project where it will sell partially built homes and leave the rest to the buyers to complete in their own time.

"Once you have built the core structure of the house you can actually move in and finish it, depending on how much money you get. This is common among Kenyans who, rather than continue paying rent for another house, would rather move in and finish it while living in it," says Dr Ben Mutuku, the chief executive officer of Goldwyne Consult.

He says the company has set aside an eighth of an acre at Shanzu, off the Mombasa-Malindi Road, and is finalising the approvals for a six-storey flat that will comprise bedsitters, as well as and one- and two-bedroom apartments.

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