GIFA Award of Excellence 2017 : House Olivier - The Garden by W Design Architecture Studio

House Olivier - the garden by W Design Architecture Studio

ArchitectsW Design Architecture Studio

House Olivier in Westcliff, Johannesburg, is a well-crafted jewel, whose simplicity belies its intricate detailing – something extremely difficult to achieve. The original brief required the Architects to design the house around the existing lush garden. The main volume of the house is a double storey rectangle rendered in plastered brick, glass and steel. North facing, it is approached from the west, via a portico that is terminated by a pair of beautiful metal human figurines. The Entire ground floor of this volume, houses the public spaces of the house. Expansive sliding glass walls bound these spaces and visually bring the garden into the living spaces. This main volume is bounded by two single story structures - one, a guest wing and garage rendered stone, and the other an open pavilion housing an outdoor entertainment space that extents to the swimming pool in the garden, with the same rough ashlar stone walls bounding its base.

The bedrooms, all ensuite, are accessed by an exquisite staircase, beautifully tucked away behind the kitchen, forming a screen to an alcove for artwork at the entrance.

Beautifully crafted in a well-controlled aesthetic rooted in modernist principles, House Olivier is sure to stand the test of time.