GIFA Award of Merit 2017 : Alice Lane 3 by Paragon Architects

Alice Lane 3 by Paragon Architects

ArchitectsParagon Architects

Alice Lane 3 is the final office building in the Alice Lane Precinct completing a significant urban intervention and creating an exceptional beautifully landscaped public space in Sandton. The building is designed for anchor tenant Bowman’s but includes restaurants and retail elements on the ground floor that interact with the piazza.

The client required cellar offices and the building’s H-shaped plan is generated using sophisticated digital programmes that model the mass and form through sun studies that ensure every office is a perimeter office equally exposed to natural light. The façade comprises 5000sq.m. of fritted glass to assist with sun control.

A unique component of the design is that everywhere in the building there are stunning views to the surrounding urban context. The dramatic volume of the atrium is enclosed by curving walkways that overlook the reception foyer below and view out into the city. Even the auditorium is a bright glazed space with views and the social spaces at the top of the building provide a sky view of the city.