GIFA Award of Merit 2017 : House Schütte by Kate Otten Architects

House Schutte by Kate Otten Architects


Architects:   Kate Otten Architects

This new residence within the Helderfontein Estate suggests delight in in simplistic design.

The linear planning very successfully accommodates the needs of the family’s lifestyle whilst making every attempt to relate to the outdoor garden spaces and the views of the country side. A very minimal approach design element allows one successfully to experience the house and its structure. Careful thought was given to the finishing elements which in the end makes a pleasant abode to live work and play in it. The colour palette of the textures and finishes is subtle to the eye whilst complementing its combined use. Innovate technologies adds to the delight of the spatial experience within its simple linear planning. Careful attention was given to greening elements on the structure which reduces the impact of the overall form whilst adding to the value of sustainable design. This is a splendid example of a well thought through design process resulting in a carefully finished home that responds to its environment.