GIFA Award of Commendation 2017 : House Blount by Kate Otten Architects

House Blount by Kate Otten Architects

ArchitectsKate Otten Architects

This house complies with but cleverly rebels against the restrictive rules of the estate. The front door opens into a colonnade walkway that immediately reveals the park-like garden and links the design concept of a public and private ‘barn’ located between the existing mature trees that existed on site. The high volume of the public barn is enclosed by windows that open up completely to a 360’ view of the garden and contains the open plan kitchen, playroom, dining and living areas. The double storey private barn contains study and sleeping areas the lower level opens up to gardens on all sides and the upper level bedrooms are nestled in the canopy of the trees. The architectural expressions of the barns are different and reflect their function. The detailing and material palettes are carefully considered in each barn and punctuated by strategically placed pops of colour. The house has been designed to include energy saving measures that enable it to go off-grid in the future and grey water is recycled for irrigating the garden.

A delightfully friendly and happy home obviously enjoyed by the family.