Health Minister Announces Construction of Two New Hospitals in Cuanza Sul

Sumbe — Two new hospitals, one provincial and one municipal, will be built, as from 2018 in Sumbe and Porto-Amboim respectively, under the Public Investment Programme (PIP), in order to replace the old ones in a poor state of conservation.

This was announced Wednesday in Cuanza Sul province by the Health Minister, Luís Gomes Sambo, when speaking to journalists at the end of his working visit to the region.

The official said that the Government is creating all conditions for the construction of a Provincial Hospital in Sumbe and another Municipal in Porto-Amboim, so as to offer Better working conditions for employees and patients.

He said that the current two hospitals in those cities are degraded, so there is every need to build new ones in 2018, the amounts of which were not disclosed.

"We are optimistic and we think that in terms of priorities these two cities will benefit from new hospitals", said Minister Luís Gomes Sambo.

Regarding the updating of the categories of health staff, the official said that it is legitimate, for example, for a technician who always has a career perspective, but he emphasized that the fulfillment of these desires depends on the financial capacity of the sector to cover the promotions. Given the current financial situation of the country, he stressed, "it will not be possible".

He said that better days will come, so there should be hope for a better Angola for health professionals.

As for the integration of new cadres for the sector, the minister said that everything depends on the General State Budget (OGE) and if there is no charge, it is not possible to admit new technicians.

He ensured that the sector in the province will be strengthened with new means of transport such as ambulance, medicines, among other materials to support patients.

To the provincial governor Eusébio de Brito Teixeira, the visit of the Health Minister is always welcome, because he came to solve some of the problems that afflict the sector at the province level.