What does Spatial Transformation mean?" One Day Seminar, 2 June 2017


Wits City Institute & Johannesburg Institute for Advanced study - "What does Spatial Transformation mean?" One Day Seminar, 2 June 2017

Wits City Institute in collaboration with Johannesburg Institute for Advanced study, invites you to a one day Seminar on What does Spatial transformation mean? Possibilities for a more equitable, livable Johannesburg

Venue: Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, 1 Tolip Street, Westdene, Johannesburg

Date: Friday, 2 June 2017

Time: 08h00-17h00

Enquiries and to RSVP by 29 May 2017 to: Ms. Inolofatseng Lekaba at

Email : mtmresearch@zoho.com

What can we learn about the city from the new forms of privatized public space like hipster Maboneng, 44 Stanley, and parts of Braamfontein as well as the increasing number of walled-off micro spaces: gated complexes, cluster developments, boomed-off areas, ‘China’ malls, American-style malls, etc.?

Can we read xenophobia, vigilantism, the dearth of low-income housing, inadequate public transport, subpar service delivery and the perennially-high crime rates in relationship to the increasing gentrification and securitization of middle-class Jozi?

   Can urbanization/gentrification projects include instead of displace the less privileged?

   How can we make the city more livable/ inclusive for low-income residents, migrants, the multiracial middle classes, women, the homeless etc.? What kind of Cultural Time Zones (microspaces) would we need to do so?

This one day seminar consists of four sections:

I.     Johannesburg: Critical Concerns will lay out chronic structural problems in relationship to the city’s historically conditioned spatial politics.

II.   Rethinking Challenges, Exploring Solutions will explore potential critical solutions e.g. the transport initiative, Corridors of Freedom; efforts to “green” the economy; social housing; private- public partnerships etc.

III.  Roundtable Discussion between local government officials, scholars, urban developers etc.

IV.  Art exhibition and theoretical photo essay on Johannesburg and New Delhi