Cape Messenger : Updated holding statement (27 February 2017)



Response to Cape Messenger article (Dated: 16 February 2017)

Date of issue: 27 February 2017

Time of issue: 10h00

Further to our statement last week (20 Feb 2017), in which we confirmed being aware of the article published about SACAP by Cape Messenger on 16 Feb 2017, please note that the publication’s editor now has a statement from us that addresses all issues raised.

We submitted this Right of Response to its editor on 23 February and we await its publication.

The 4thTerm Council values, and is committed to, demonstrating transparency and integrity in all of its affairs. Its corporate governance, as a public entity, is applied and run in tandem with the principles contained in the King Report on Corporate Governance.

We will continue to inform you on developments.

Yours sincerely,
Jacquie Cullis
Stakeholder Relations Manager