Research from Hansgrohe turns up the Heat on Guilt-Free Co-Showering


To co-shower or not to co-shower, that is the question

Cape Town : A recent survey by Hansgrohe on global showering habits has confirmed that South Africans love showering together.

Whether couples are shower-compatible or not, either preferring long hot showers or wishing to save water and costs with quick showers, Hansgrohe’s water-saving shower heads facilitate co-showering for each shower preference. While a standard shower head uses 25 litres of water per minute, special jets, a flow limiter and the adding of air make Hansgrohe watersaving showers and basin mixers the eco-friendly choice. These shower heads not only reduce water but also cut energy consumption in the home as less hot water is needed.

The Croma Select E and Croma Select S hand showers are a case in point. Both employ eco-smart technology to allow a flow rate of 9 litres per minute, restricting the amount of water used drastically

while the new Rainmaker Select 460 1jet overhead shower mixes air into the water to limit water use to 9 litres per minute. The Crometta 85 Green Overhead shower and hand shower have a precision O-ring that reacts to pressure and adjusts the amount of water so the maximum flow rate is only 6 litres per minute, even with strong water pressure, presenting a perfect excuse for showering together while saving water!

Croma Select E Multi hand shower

Showering in Pairs

Research has revealed that 47% of people across the globe are doubling their fun when it comes to showering by taking a shower with their partner. Whilst the Brits perpetuate their prudish stereotype with only 32% of them enjoying a communal shower experience, almost twice as many South Africans admitted to regularly doing so (52%). 25% of British singletons however, overtake the global average of just 19% who admit to enjoying some company in the shower. French and Italian singles top the list at 28% each. Loved-up couples are driving the score internationally with 55% using their shower for romantic trysts and with 62% of South African lovers particularly partial to indulging in the pleasure of showering in pairs.

The survey results also show that younger lovers are more likely to favour a rendezvous behind the shower curtain. More than half of 18-35 year olds admitted to regularly showering with someone else (54%) and just over a third of 45-55 year olds (35%) admitted to doing the same. In Europe, Asia and South Africa however, an impressive 58% of 25-35 year olds admitted to their love of some twosome shower time. 

Yearning for Bigger Showers

The respondents also said that size matters - when it comes to picking the right shower that is. Over 71% are reportedly yearning for something bigger, with the Americans at 82%, the Chinese at 80%, Europeans at 66% and South Africans at 79%.  However, 76% of them said they would prefer the extra space to store their shampoo and other product bottles as opposed to making room for an extra body. Joachim Huber, Head of Hansgrohe Brand Marketing International, said, “It is clear from our survey that people are seeing the benefits of sensual showers. Our Rainmaker Select overhead showers and Raindance Select hand showers could provide a creative and exciting Valentine’s Day present for that special someone. Their large spray discs offer a generous and sensual water experience for both singles and couples. Our Hansgrohe survey has shown that preferences for different spray types vary greatly across the globe – from massage sprays to gentle or powerful rain showers, to jet sprays covering neck and shoulders from above. Our products help our customers to ease their muscle tenseness, relax or get vitalised together in the shower – wherever they are in the world.”

Different Shower Habits Amongst Men and Women

The survey also explored how showering habits differ according to gender and relationship status. It was found that 41% of couples living together prefer to use their bathroom as a calm retreat where they can relax and enjoy some time on their own.  The opposite was found to be true in 32% of couples who do not share living space.  The results also showed that 75% of women are more likely to seek solitude in the shower compared to 69% of men, of which 52% admitted to using it as a place of refuge for peace and quiet and 48% because they value their privacy in the bathroom. 

On the question of water temperature preferences, a significant 8% of men admitted to actually preferring a cold shower compared to only 4% of women. 76% of the people surveyed seemed to be “lukewarm” about hot showers, saying they have them due to force of habit (59%) or because it helps them to relax (41%).

Shared Bathrooms

The stereotype of prudish bathroom behaviour is also eliminated when looking at whether people share a bathroom as well as the shower. 23% of respondents say they’re not alone in the bathroom while showering, with only 4% attributing this to the typical rush hour bathroom congestion.

About the survey;

The survey was conducted in December 2015 by a market research company amongst 1911 men and women, aged 18-55 years with different socio-economic backgrounds and from different regions in China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands and the United States of America.