Abuja Development Challenges

By Umar Shuaibu

Being a city with tremendous importance in the country’s life and development, as well as a hot bed of political fermentation, such that generates centripetal attraction from all nooks and corner of the country, perhaps nowhere has the need for judicious use and preservations of the city’s exhaustive land resources becomes imperative in Nigeria today than the Federal Capital City. Not only are people attracted for its role as the administrative capital, billions of naira worth of investment has now been invested in the city, contrary to the earlier apathy at its inception. The spacious area slogan associated with Abuja is now a thing of the past.

Demolition of illegal structures is a continuous exercise in the FCT, as always, it is accompanied with vehement complains. On one hand, the Authority insists that the developments are illegal due to their non-compliance with the City development guidelines. On the other hand, the victims also contend that they have right to shelter anywhere in Nigeria as bonafide citizens, irrespective of their financial strength, more so that Abuja is known as the land of unity and equal opportunity. The original inhabitants also agitate for integration against resettlement, for the fact that they do not have anywhere to call home, other than the FCT, which has now been transformed to another home for others that have other homes elsewhere.

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