Dignified, Hygienic and Sustainable Access to Sanitation

Enviro Conscious Technologies© and AQUAmax® provide Specialised Wastewater Treatment

South Africa currently faces huge challenges when it comes to fresh water and basic sanitation requirements. Approximately 11% (1.4 million) of households in South Africa, formal and informal, still have to be provided with sanitation services.

These challenges, however, are not insurmountable. Enviro Conscious Technologies© (ECT) provides cost-effective, hygienic and dignified sanitation through the use of the modular, decentralised AQUAmax® Wastewater Treatment systems – in order to directly address the key challenges we all face to save fresh water resources, while offering sustainable solutions for the treatment of wastewater.

Case Study: Hygienic Sanitation in Education:

The AQUAmax® system, plus 20 new toilets, has recently been installed at the Kopanelang Primary School near Vereeniging, with the intention of providing the school’s 1800 students with improved dignity, health and hygienic sanitation. Copper Sunset Sand Mines worked closely with Enviro Conscious Technologies© as part of a CSI programme, in order to ensure the successful delivery of the completely biological AQUAmax® decentralised Wastewater plant onsite.

Kopanelang Primary School

Kopanelang Primary School was identified by the Free State Minister of Education to be the beneficiary of this project because of its pressing need for an immediate solution to serious sanitation problems. The school is the first in the country to benefit from its own wastewater plant, which was donated by Copper Sunset Sand Mines in Vereeniging with two years of the company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds. The project has gained the approval of the Metsimaholo Municipality, Executive Mayor and Mayor, as well as the Free State Department of Education and Department of Mineral Resources.

“The school had doubled in size over the last year and their existing septic tank was leaking raw sewerage onto the children’s playing fields, making it completely unsafe as well as being a massive health risk for the children,” said Rudi Wolter, one of the Directors of Copper Sunset Sand Mines.

“We knew we had to find a product that would be a sustainable solution to their needs, especially considering our country’s water scarcity problem and the need to provide core jobs and training within the local community to build the tanks for the plant. Through Enviro Conscious Technologies©, we have managed to make the lives of these children safer in a hygienic environment as well as saving fresh water resources by re-using 100% of all the treated wastewater. We are using six JoJo tanks to store the treated water, and JoJo tanks and Sasol Polymer also contributed to this CSI project by sponsoring one tank and giving us five at cost price.”

The AQUAmax® system is a fully biological decentralised wastewater treatment system using German technology. Here, it has been used in combination with Enviro Conscious toilets to provide a fresh waterless, flushing toilet solution that re-uses all the treated black water coming from the school. Because the system works free of smell, it could be installed close to the school in the school grounds. The treated wastewater is being used to flush both old and new toilets, as well as to irrigate the school’s fields and greenhouse, which provides food for the school canteen.

JoJo Tanks store the treated water

Mr Frank Mosia, Principal at Kopanelang Primary School, is thrilled with the school’s new AQUAmax® wastewater plant and toilets, which have completely changed the health and safety environment for the children. The school is also saving over R200,000 a year on honey suckers which were previously needed to clean the septic tank; and is also saving up to 21,600 litres of fresh water usage per day; up to 80% on monthly fresh water bills; and has no sewage bills to pay.

“Added to the socially uplifting and environmental solutions that Copper Sunset Sand Mines has provided for us, our students will have first-hand education about the plant and its technology by the owner of Enviro Conscious Technologies©, Mr Hendrik Kuhn; as well as a lesson specifically designed on climate change, and advice on career options turning waste and recycling into viable businesses for a brighter and greener future. In the New Year the school will nominate students as Enviro Conscious Monitors with badges sponsored by ECT© to take care of their new facilities with pride. We know this form of education will embed the entrepreneurial spirit into the young minds of our students, which is where we must start in order to make the difference required to change the world we live in with sustainable use of our natural resources.” 

Teaching students about wastewater treatment

The National Department of Basic Education (DBE) has put in place a plan to address water and sanitation backlogs in schools. This follows the concern articulated by many communities about the state of access to water and sanitation in schools, which impacts on the right to education. All provinces currently experience cases of a lack of access to water in schools. The new norms and standards for school infrastructure will make the provision of clean drinking water and dignified sanitation to schools compulsory. These service delivery projects must ensure that the special needs of girls are addressed to eradicate drop-outs due to poor water and sanitation facilities.

The AQUAmax® Wastewater Treatment Plant is also in use in Midrand, Centurion and Krugersdorp in South Africa and over 72,000 plants have been installed worldwide in hotels, universities, lodges and residential developments.

Kopanelang Primary School


AQUAmax® Wastewater Treatment Plants have the unique ability to treat all domestic black water for re-use, in residential, leisure, commercial, retail and educational developments.

The benefits of the decentralised solution offered by Enviro Conscious Technologies© (ECT) are significant:

•    Exceeds the Green Building Council of South Africa’s (GBCSA) Water Saving Requirements.
•    Saves from 40% up to 100% of fresh water resources by re-using all treated black water for flushing toilets, irrigation and heat rejection.
•    No sewerage connection or new expensive municipal wastewater infrastructure required. This is a saving for municipalities of R3million per kilometre in infrastructure for sewage piping.
•    Individual expansion is possible with decentralised wastewater plants that are modular and built on-site with unique modular building blocks.
•    Decentralized systems with the capacity to handle single households of 4 to 5 people up to entire communities of over 2000 people.
•    Environmental integrity by preventing groundwater pollution while reducing health risks.
•    Exceeds European Water Standards and SA Green Drop standards.
•    Emits no foul smell.
•    Alternative energy (solar and generators) applications are possible on sites where no electricity is available.
•    Remote surveillance mobile functionality is available, notifying ECT© at all times of system performance.
•    Service contracts sold with each plant guarantee correct effluent levels and maintenance.
•    Site suitability tests are done with plant specific proposals for each new project.
•    Fresh water saving for a community where a 2000-people AQUAmax® WWT system is installed will be up to 43,800m³ per year by re-cycling treated water for irrigation and toilets. This allows municipalities to supply an additional 1000 people with fresh water where these plants are installed.
•    Short building time without the need for heavy equipment.
•    The plastic parts of the ecological Wastewater plants are made completely out of recycled plastic.
•    The innovative and worldwide award-winning SBR biological wastewater treatment plants treat all domestic black water for re-use with no need to separate gray and black water, offering lower CAPEX with on-site modular building block solutions.
•    The AQUAmax® WWT plants and the Enviro Conscious Toilets together provide dignified and hygienic sanitation.

Provide training and skills transfer

About Enviro Conscious Technologies©:

ECT© is an innovative and sustainable Wastewater treatment company focusing on the recycling and re-use of wastewater, providing expert modular on-site solutions. Enviro Conscious Technologies© holds exclusive partnership for the AQUAmax® SBR Wastewater treatment plants in Sub-Saharan Africa for ATB Germany, and is the certified service, installation and maintenance provider. This award-winning and innovative technology has sold over 72,000 plants worldwide. ECT© offers hygienic sanitation together with Enviro Conscious Toilets; this allows all the treated wastewater to be reused.

Our vision is to be revered as the best and most sustainable wastewater treatment management company in South Africa while providing dignified sanitation solutions for all. Our objectives are to:
Save fresh water resources by recycling wastewater and re-using the treated wastewater responsibly;
Provide sustainable and dignified sanitation solutions;
Create new jobs;
Provide training and skills transfer.

ECT© surveys, plans, designs, builds, installs, maintains and services the world’s foremost Wastewater and Sanitation System,: the AQUAmax® SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant.

ECT©’s AQUAmax® modular system is 90% manufactured and built in SA, using a large proportion of re-cycled components. Only a short building time is needed, and no heavy equipment required. The on-site system is fully biological, with no need to separate ‘gray’ and ‘black’ water for re-use in toilet sanitation and crop irrigation. It is specifically designed to achieve high levels of sustainability.

ECT© provides comprehensive Repair, Maintenance and Service contracts with each plant installed.

Wastewater treatment plant in operation


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