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Date Country News Item
19.10.18 South Africa Day care centre rebuilt after fire - for the fifth time
18.10.18 South Africa Mayhem in Witsand over building of community hall
18.10.18 South Africa Stutterheim protesters burn municipal offices and clinic over lack of jobs
17.10.18 South Africa Village school has three teachers and three pit toilets for 116 learners
16.10.18 Kenya Kenya is planning to privatise prisons: why it's risky and needs careful planning
15.10.18 Kenya Education is key to avoiding demolition in Kenya say authorities ahead of the Big 5 Construct East Africa Exhibition
15.10.18 South Africa Informal economies are diverse: South African policies need to recognise this
15.10.18 South Africa Thirty Keyes Residential Apartments Unveiled at Keyes Art Mile
15.10.18 South Africa Savage + Dodd Architects Named WAFX Winner
15.10.18 South Africa The Growth of Green Building in South Africa
13.10.18 South Africa Shangaan shop owners chased out of Duduza
13.10.18 South Africa Canals remain an open sore in Masiphumele Wetlands
13.10.18 South Africa Parents have to build toilets for Eastern Cape school
11.10.18 South Africa After mass demolitions land occupiers return to Wallacedene
11.10.18 South Africa Residents expelled from Blikkiesdorp amidst racial tensions
10.10.18 South Africa Wallacedene shack dwellers close down housing project
07.10.18 Ghana Accra's informal settlements are easing the city's urban housing crisis
05.10.18 South Africa Lottery money goes to waste as school falls apart
04.10.18 South Africa Banks are clogging up the justice system, says court
03.10.18 South Africa Overflowing sewage, no electricity, one tap and two toilets for over 300 residents
02.10.18 South Africa At least 15 injured as violence erupts in Westbury
01.10.18 South Africa It's time to stop the appropriation of South Africa's visual archive
01.10.18 South Africa De Lille requests investigation into Foreshore property sale
01.10.18 South Africa AECOM Helps Develop Richest Square Mile in Africa in Sandton
26.09.18 South Africa Land reform debate: what's missing according to South African farmers
25.09.18 South Africa Cape Town's unfinished freeways: what it will take to complete the job
25.09.18 South Africa “My house smells like a toilet”
24.09.18 Africa Lifting the lid on the black box of informal trade in Africa
23.09.18 South Africa Fourth industrial revolution: sorting out the real from the unreal
20.09.18 Africa Igniting public space at the Chale Wote street art festival in Accra
19.09.18 South Africa When government is a slumlord: Pefferville’s ghastly blocks of flats
19.09.18 South Africa Community stops sewage project for its schools
17.09.18 South Africa Landscaping, Building Design Grow Together at Pran Boulevard in KZN
17.09.18 South Africa ISCA Launches a NEw Range of Colourful Taps
17.09.18 South Africa Dulux Announces Colour of the Year 2019 : Creme Brulee
17.09.18 South Africa DHK Reveals Design for New Capitec Bank HQ in Stellenbosch
14.09.18 South Africa Zwelitsha shack-dwellers are building their own toilets and roads
14.09.18 South Africa Did Cape Town lose millions on Foreshore land sale?
14.09.18 South Africa Local shops hike prices as immigrants forced out, say Gauteng residents
11.09.18 South Africa Just land solutions will take South Africa forward